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A Public Adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster that stands by your side during the claims process. Public Adjusters are advocates for your rights and work for you NOT the insurance company. Public Adjusters work to negotiate your policy and maximize your settlement often for no out of pocket expense.

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Our restoration contractors are here to provide top-notch services and help get you back to the way things were before the loss.

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PIAA Attorneys will fight as your trusted advocate and are dedicated to ensuring your policy is settled in your favour.

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Who is PIAA?

The Public Adjusters Association is an association of expert certified public adjusters alongside trusted legal and trade professionals working in collaboration to share knowledge, continue learning, and publicly promote our professions. We aim to serve the policy holder, maximizing their recovery, working as a collective whole to become an advocate for the consumer. PIAA members are the best of the best, up to date on current standards, and are willing to provide expert advice and professional services any time. The important thing for Contractors and Public Adjusters is the ability to work together for the insured. We screen all our members to ensure the relationship between them promotes working as a team. Don't let the insurance company take advantage of you. Let the Public Insurance Adjusters Association's highly skilled teams maximize your claim.

What can we do for you?

If you are an insured policy holder you can browse our collection of resources along with our directories of Public Insurance Adjusters or Attorneys & Vendors to assist you with your loss. Public Insurance Adjusters Association members are here to provide expert advice and professional services to get your home or business back in action in no time. If your looking to become a member you can learn more about our exclusive member benefits and apply today. Get access to our informative newsletter and circulars as well as up to date industry news and policy changes plus more.

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Why choose PIAA?

Members of the Public Insurance Adjusters Association are highly qualified, experienced leaders in the industry united for their and the policyholders benefit. PIAA is comprised only of dedicated and respected individuals that work in collaboration as advocates of the insured. Choosing the Public Insurance Adjusters Association you will find we take care of business exceeding expectations and overcoming any obstacle encountered. The PIAA encourages high standards of professionalism and leads by example delivering expert services.

Listen to what others have to say

"Not only does the PIAA go above and beyond with their services but their resources and teachings have been invaluable."

- Executive Administrator, South Dakota Adjusters
Public Adjuster

"The PIAA stands by what they say they will do and does it, and they do it well."

- Illinois Public Adjusters
Public Adjuster

"Fighting insurance disputes is often a complicated process and can prove challenging. We joined the PIAA and soon found that we were not alone in this battle. Members work together professionally getting the job done right the first time. "

- Wisconsin Public Adjusters President
Public Adjuster

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